Sign up and general tournament information What is Call of the Wild
Call of the Wild is a Hearthstone league hosted on the /r/WildHearthstone discord server.
Currently, we run a 6 week season with a top 8 playoff bracket at the end of the season.
Each week we have one match, and we use the Strike format for our games.
What is the Strike format
Strike is a Hearthstone match format created by RDU.
During each match, each person brings 3 decks. Then, each person bans out two matchups, and plays through the remaining 5 matchups.
Visual example here
Where do I sign up
Sign ups for the current season are done by filling out a google form.
You only need to specify 3 classes that you want to use for Week1 of the tournament.
The form can be found in the reddit thread announcing the Call of the Wild league here.
Signups are closed at the moment.
I've signed up for the league, what do I do next
After you've signed up, join the /r/WildHearthstone discord server if you haven't already here, then, go to the channel labeled #bot-spam and type in !cotw.
This will give you access to the channel #call-of-the-wild-league, which is where we host the league.
From there you can access this FAQ or ping @organizer in the call-of-the-wild-league channel for questions.
When does the league start
Prepare! An organizer will announce when the matches will begin on 16th of July (Season 5 NA, Season 4 EU).
Until then, there is nothing more for you to do.
Just make sure to check the Discord channel every now and then as you will get ping when the pairings are ready.
Boomsday will release in early August, will I be allowed to use the cards when the expansion drops
Boomsday will be available on Tuesday 7th of August which is Week4 on the league.
The policy is to allow new cards for league play the following Week which means you cannot include them in your Week4 decks but are free to use them for Week 5 and 6.
Setting up the weekly Bo5 When are the pairings announced
During an active season, pairings are usually announced every monday.
Where do I find my opponent for each round
You can find your opponent here.
Remember to check both the player 1 and player 2 column and that you're looking at the correct region as we run a league on two servers (EU and NA).
Do I need to send my decklists to the organizers
No, decklists are not required.
You should only use a maximum of 3 decks during the Bo5 and can ask your opponent for a screenshot of his deck slots if you really want to check his honesty.
This should not be needed as we are of friendly bunch, but you can request it from your opponent.
How long do I have to complete my match during the round
You have 1 week to complete the match, starting with when we announce the week's matches.
A timer on the website indicates how much time you have left to complete your weekly Bo5.
When in the week am I supposed to play
This is at the total discretion of your opponent and yourself.
You are free to organize the Bo5 any time during the week.
You can contact your opponent through DM in discord as the discord information of all participants are public.
My opponent is not responding to my DM, what should I do
Try to contact your opponent early in the week to give yourselves the best chances at finding a timeslot that fits you both (as not every player is in same TimeZone).
You can also add your opponent in the Hearthstone client.
If that opponent is not responding, ping the organizers (@organizer in the discord channel) and attach a screenshot of your DM conversation as proof of attempted contact.
You will get a default win if your opponent is a no show for the whole week.
Playing the Bo5 How many decks am I allowed to use
You need to have 3 decks ready for the Bo5, 1 for each of the classes you have selected at sign up or before the pairings were released.
You can only use ONE DECK PER CLASS DURING THE BO5 even if you have several decks for this class in your deck slots.
You can ask your opponent for a screenshot of his deck slots if you want.
How do I make bans for the Bo5
Each players bring 3 decks, generating 9 potential match ups.The ban phase will reduce this amount to 5 as each player gets to ban 2 match ups.
The ban phase is done through the website.
Player 1 (left side in the pairings) gets to first ban one match up (for example his Rogue vs his opponent's Shaman).
Player 2 gets the following 2 match up bans.
The final ban is done by Player 1.
In which order are played the 5 remaining match ups
Once the ban phase is done on the website, you will get the list of remaining match ups displayed in play order from top to bottom. The order is randomly generated.
Should we play all 5 match ups
Not necessarily, this is a Bo5 which means that the first player to get 3 game wins will win the Bo5/match.
My opponent queued the wrong deck. Do I get a game win
No penalty applied, just requeue as soon as noticed.
Do I need to notify the organizers when I finish my match
Yes, if you did or didn't use the website, tell an organizer so we can insert the result.
Preparing the following week Can I change my classes/decks for the following Bo5
Yes, you can contact an organizer in the discord channel to change your classes.
Just remember to do it before the next pairings are released as it is when your opponent classes will be known.
If you keep the same classes you are also free to choose different decks to battle your future opponent.
I want to drop from the league. Should I just disappear and do absolutely nothing
Please don't.
If you want to stop playing in the tournament, notify an organizer about your decision so that we don't keep in the pairings. It is important to get every player who wants to keep on playing an opponent.